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At present I am finalising a book of short stories called 100, after being distracted for quite a few weeks, which I blame on a terrible bout of procrastination. This is one of the stories from that collection. 
I wanted it to feel like Summer beside the sea. Please let me know if it worked for you.


Apricots lined the sill of the open window. Morning sunlight continued ripening them, as it glowed orange on their skins.

The south easterly breeze, already endowed with the scents of sea and frangipani, was enriched with their aroma.

Breathing the sweet smell she smiled, her lightly freckle coated cheeks lifting below sparkling brown eyes.

Rising from her kitchen table, she tied back her long auburn hair with a golden ribbon and walked to the window.

The melody of birdsong drifted through the window to meet her halfway.

Reaching for the fruit she whispered, “Come with me, we’re making pie.”

© Rod Loader

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