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Sarah's Tears

Sarah's TearsThis is the second "intense" story in my series. Again I would love your thoughts about how you connect with the character.

This is the opening chapter to the second book in the Sarah series. The first book (e-book available on Amazon) is called Sarah's Smile.

Sarah's Tears
Chapter 1

He was there. The one who walked from her life when she needed him. The one who only communicated through cards she threw away without opening. She didn't want his written words. She wanted his arms to hold her, his shoulders to ride on, his heart to connect with and his lips to kiss her goodnight and say "I love you."

       Now he was there. At Tash's special place. Tash didn't live there. God took her home thirteen years earlier, when she rushed onto the road without checking for cars. Only her body remained below the grass and soil marked by a small stone Angel.

       Sarah had not invited him and knew, by the shocked look on her mother's face, the invitation didn't come from her either. Usually her mother visited Tash first, while Sarah waited in the car for her turn to kneel, remember and try to talk. Sarah knew this was not a requirement, but rather a pattern they had grown comfortable with.

       This time Sarah went first, while her mother confronted the man, who had abandoned them eleven years ago, her arms showing her dislike for the intrusion into their special time. While Sarah's father, hands raised, slowly backed toward his car.

       Tears fell where Sarah's knees pressed into the grass, as her fingers gently touched the cold stone reminder. Other than photographs, it was the only physical reminder. Her memories were not real. They were a blending of her mother's words and childhood recollections, which seemed more distant every year.

       "Happy birthday Tash," she offered, remembering she never called her sister N