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The Caregiver's Journey

Provo,UT—19 May 2016—“The needs The needs of family caregivers often go unnoticed. Family caregivers are not the “identified patients” and formal care is usually predicated on the identified needs and medical condition of the care recipient, as determined by the specialties that provide services to the care recipient. Therefore, there is often little or no routine assessment of caregivers’ well-being by healthcare or psychosocial providers, and there is little attention to problems and concerns they experience or report in their role as care providers.”—Amercian Psychological Association.  In response to the need he saw when counseling family members of those going through hospice care, Todd Cope wrote, “The Caregiver's Journey: Compassionate and Informed Care for a Loved One.” His goal was to pass on information to make the lives of caretaker’s easier.

You can find “The Caregiver’s Journey,” at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other bookstores.

About Todd Cope:

and Denise were married in New Zealand, where they lived for two years before returning to the United States so he could continue his education. Together they raised four children and are now experiencing the joys of being grandparents.

It was his desire to help others that led Todd to pursue a career in nursing. As a Registered Nurse for more than 25 years, he has had the opportunity of working in a variety of settings, but the majority of his career has involved caring for the elderly. In his spare time, Todd enjoys running, gardening and spending time with his family.

Todd’s love for writing dates back to the fourth grade when he won a poetry writing contest. He continued to be honored for his essays, poetry, and prose throughout his school career. Todd has published many articles on a variety of subjects in several forums including the Ensign and New Era magazines. He is the author of four published novels, most notably The Shift, a self-published work that inspired the CBS Television movie The Last Dance, starring Maureen O’Hara.

Todd’s Books:

Caregiver's Journey: Compassionate and Informed Care for a Loved One:

peace, and even joy, in the journey to a loved one's final days. This reassuring book will help you cope with all of the decisions, challenges, and emotions that come with a terminal diagnosis or old age. Learn how to bring your family together, how to minimize and alleviate pain, and how to care for yourself so you can provide better care for those you love.

The Shift:

“I could barely make out her words, but I did not dare remove the oxygen mask. I moved my head, so my ear was next to her face. I thought I heard her say, ‘Remember the shift key.' ”

Confused by the final words of a former teacher, a nurse begins a quest that will change his life forever. Inspired by actual events, The Shift is a story of Love in its purest form.
The Shift was the inspiration for the CBS Television movie The Last Dance, starring Maureen O’Hara.
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