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The Demise of the Press Release is Overstated

The press release has not died and is not on its last legs.  There has been many calling for its demise. The main reason behind these misaligned feelings has to do with the way it is written and sent. The press release can be one of the most practical tools that an author, business or PR professional has in their toolbox or arsenal.

There are plenty of articles on how to write effective press releases. My favorite comes from Regan Communications you can read it here. The days of having a plain text version of your press release. Journalists like to include pictures and video in their articles. This helps their article receive more views and engagement. Be a friend and share this content in your pitch.

The delivery and posting of your press release are critical to the success of your message getting the largest audience possible. If you have the funds, I recommend sending a release out via a newswire. They vary in price from around $99 -$800. Here is an article that breaks down the more traditional wire services based on price and services. A news wire service goes to the mailboxes of news desks and journalists. If the reporter likes your headline they will contact, you directly. Many services will give you guaranteed placement in so many outlets. However, this is usually in the press release section that follows the legal notice section. A very low traffic or viewing area. Don’t overlook the free news wires like They could help in building links to your page and your story. You also have the benefit of it being free. Why not spread the word around?

In addition to sharing your message via news wires, why not share it on other platforms as well. Do you have a news section on your website? Having a branded news page will allow you to share your press releases with your visitors but also enable you to share links and pictures of the articles you can garner. Having multiple articles, videos and photos will also help in securing your image as a professional writer.

Since you have an attractive looking press release, I recommend that you share it on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. This allows your fans and those interested in your story to