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Your Writing Can Impact the World

Have you ever considered the position you are in as an author? When we write and share our words with the public, we enjoy even for a moment their full attention. The reader relies on us to deliver a concise and informative message. The users expectation gives writers a chance to impact the life of a reader. Can you name the author and book that had the most profound impact on your life?

Some authors go beyond their words in making a difference in the lives of their readers and the world. They use their writing and book to encourage social change. I will introduce you to four authors who do this exceptionally well.

Wendy Parmley, the author of Hope After Suicide, shares the tragic story of losing her Mother to suicide while she was young. She does this to give the reader hope that they could heal from losing a loved one from suicide. Wendy not only donates a portion of her royalties to Hope After Suicide. She volunteers many hours to her local suicide prevention group. She has even spoken at the National Alliance on Mental Illness gathering in Salt Lake City. The lesson to learn from Wendy is that writing can give you a platform to step on to help bring about change in the world.

Chief Warrant Officer Paul Holton, ret. The author of Collateral Kindness and founder of Operation Give shares his story of serving in Iraq during three tours. Paul started Operation Give when he saw children suffering from the ravages of war. He began to hand out candy, clothes, and toys to help them. This simple kindness grew until pallets and containers started arriving to deliver goods. Recently Operation Give gave two containers to refugees fleeing ISIS in Kurdistan, Iraq. Paul has been on Fox News and other major news channels sharing his message.  The lesson in this story is that your story can impact individuals physically and emotionally.

Ted Hallsey, better known as Cowboy Ted teaches children at school assemblies the core concepts of healthy living. Ted also operates a foundation whose mission is "To introduce young people to positive role models, who encourage youngsters to choose a healthy lifestyle for themselves, including the choice to refuse to use tobacco products." Ted has spoken to thousands of children about the importance of exercise and healthy eating. Ted wrote eight children’s books that reinforce his message. Ted has recently begun his Cowboy Ted Show. The lesson to learn is that you can impact lives by teaching correct principles.

Corey Fair Sr. and Corey Fair Jr. share the story of Corey Jr. being bullied which led him down the path of being a bully and eventually being incarnated. The hope of telling this story is to help end the scourge of bullying. The book 

Bully Me Badd

will be available soon.  The lesson here is that you can share your experiences to help bring about change.

These four examples are a small sample of authors impacting the lives of others. The question is what are you going to do with your story? You can do more than just write. You can change the world one heart at a time. I encourage you to reach out and share your message.  I will be writing a book on a project and business I am working on called SNAFU Mobile Device Repair. The main idea is this company will hire only veterans as it’s employees. The goal is to combat vet unemployment and give them a living wage. If you can, please donate to help us get it off the ground. Change the world one word at a time.

 About Rodney:

Rodney has over five years’ experience in marketing, selling, and public relations experience specializing in the publishing industry. He has a knack for finding and securing the media for his clients at Ironrod Media.

In the last two years, he has garnered over 25 million dollars’ worth of media coverage for clients. Rodney has arranged for clients to be in the New York Times, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, US News and World Report. Additionally, clients have appeared locally in the Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune, and the Daily Herald.

Furthermore, the clients we have represented have been interviewed on the Today Show, NBC and ABC News and local shows including Studio 5, Matt Townsend Show and Good Morning Utah.

You can find Rodney leading his team at Ironrod Media, a firm he created in January of 2015. Feel free to reach out to him at or (385) 225 5997.

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