Roger Hilleboe en Artificial Intelligence, IPhone, Pics Image Maker and Storyteller • Kandi Koated Art 20/5/2017 · 1 min de lectura · ~100

Drama Rendered Cheap

I shot this steeple with my iPhone and processed it using three inexpensive iPhone photo Apps: Rainy Daze, LensLight, and Snapseed. Same goes for the cropped BG photo at top.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), it will soon be simple, fast, and cheap to create “Fake” audio and video. Music and Movie Studios effectively utilize this technology now. Soon data captured on Security Cameras, Police Dash Cams, and News Broadcasts inevitably will.

Drama Rendered Cheap             Steeple; iPhone photo by Hilleboe, aka #Iconoclast, processed with #RainyDaze, #LensLight, and #Snapseed.