Roger Hilleboe en Lifestyle Image Maker and Storyteller • Kandi Koated Art 17/3/2017 · 1 min de lectura · +100

The Art of Transformation

The Art of TransformationConsider the Greens. After living under the same roof for going on eleven years now, Mrs. Green, above, started feeling smothered and subsumed. This frightened her to death. So she fought back. She created in her Self something greater than his. Transformation is difficult. Mrs. Green works on her’s every day. But she grows more dominant week by week, feels stronger, and much true to her Self.

                                                                               Mr. Green (Overall a good man.)

                                                                              Mrs. Green Subsumed

                                                                                   Mrs. Green Fighting Back                  

                                                                           Mrs.Green's Identity Nearly Restored

           Acrylic on Paper Portraits plus their three digital manipulations, and this story by Roger Hilleboe, aka #Iconoclast00