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Hiring a mentor, I’d die first! Why do I need to hire a mentor?

‘I need to concentrate on reducing costs, increasing value or improving efficiency, not get all touchy feely about business and certainly not having a mentor.’

Hiring a mentor, I’d die first! Why do I need to hire a mentor?
I’ve heard this so many times. Business people across the globe hold those three Greek phrases close to their hearts. In a streamlined, cut down, lean and agile business model there’s no time for mentors. As a colleague would say: ‘well, it’s all ‘w*nky b*ll*x’ isn’t it?’

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Although this phrase makes me smile I know how the sentiment is actually rather misguided. A leader needs a mentor pure and simple. It doesn’t matter at what level or what industry as we can all benefit from regular review. After all, it’s so easy to veer off track. It’s also really easy to be swayed by people giving you back what they think you want to hear. In addition, it’s also useful to articulate our thoughts, fears, observations and plans aloud.

5 reasons a solo entrepreneur, start-up or company exec. needs a mentor

1. If you book in to see a mento