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Humility – I’m the BOSS! That’s WHY!

‘Good enough’ is no longer good enough. 

Most gold standards are being overworked and overused. Business is almost always looking for something better. So, as a leader to find that additional ‘something’ that can elevate ‘good enough’ to outstanding, excellent, innovative and successful requires something special. How does a leader manage to combine that steadfast professional will with humility to ensure success isn’t achieved at all costs.

Author: Ron Goddard Founder & CEO TechVentures.London (2min Read)

Humility – I’m the BOSS! That’s WHY! 

Why humility isn’t at odds with professional will

Humility you might be thinking. Why do I need that? I am not here to win friends but to do a job. Let me direct you, dear reader, to Air France. This week bosses were attacked and the head of human resources actually had his shirt ripped from his back by protesting employees. Consider this for a moment: how have relations broken down to such an extent that goodwill is destroyed, a company’s reputation suffers and future cooperation looks a million miles away? How might have a dash of humility, empathy, and a thoughtful bedside manner averted this crisis?

Be a 360-degree leader, adopt a more humble approach

Today, we operate in an economy where outsourcing, freelancers and cost cutting are hallmarks of contemporary business management. We have boundless opportunities to develop start-ups, be successful and ‘fake it to make it’. Some fantastic success stories inspire and motivate us but I’m asking you now to consider the responsibilities and philanthropy of being a 360-degree leader and adopting humility.

Humility is probably more fashionable than you might guess.

If you watch reality TV shows like The Apprentice, you might be forgiven for thinking it’s gone the same way as phone boxes and Woolworths. Yet there is a movement that is beginning to really see the importance of humility in the boardroom and amongst leaders wherever they hang out.

Focus on price and value vanishes

Why is this the case? If we concentrate on cost cutting and price and forget about value we are on a downward slope. Feelings of value and being valued develop over time. They are often part of a specific modus operandi or ethics and beliefs of an organization. No matter what size the company, decisions have to be made about boundaries and how important individuals are to the whole.

Level 5 leadership is complex

Some might even call professional will and humility an oxymoron. Surely the two cannot co-exist? Isn’t this indeed a paradox? If you read the Level 5 leadership demands you’ll see that a leader will first and foremos