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14k Yellow Gold Pave Cuban Chain - Experience a Piece of Luxury

Are you hunting for something simple which could make you look sophisticated and phenomenal? This specific 14k Yellow Gold Pave Cuban Chain necklace is all you need to look your best. No necessity for bigger pieces having this simple yet suave gold chain. When purchasing any jewelry, both quality and affordability are essential to your fulfillment. Numerous budget friendly necklaces from other sellers are affected in quality, but our designers will never ever sacrifice quality for cost. Necklaces like this gold pave chain are a lovely example of our inexpensive yet luxury jewelry.

14k Yellow Gold Pave Cuban Chain - Experience a Piece of Luxury

Get familiar with your jewelry ...
This necklace features a 14k metal stamp. The metal itself is yellow gold, and has a width of 2 millimeters and a length of 16 inches. The chain is known as the cuban and lobster- claw-clasps. This chain is not resizable. The approximate weight of the item can vary with the length of the chain. The 20-inch necklace has a weight of 6.66g, the 22 inch has a weight of 7.6g, while the 24 inch weighs 7.75g and the 26 inch has a weight of 8.55g. The weights offered above are for 4.2 mm chains.

What Makes the Pave Cuban Chain so unique ?
Well created cuban chains are difficult to get, particularly with our low cost. Pick from our wide choice of sizes to spot your perfect match. Plus, our pave chain never changes size so it's always the shape you really love, guaranteed. Our company offer 3 widths: 2 mm, 4.2mm and 6.8 mm. Place your order now before our supply goes out!

Customer Fulfillment Guarantee
Our payment system is simple and practical no matter your location. As a valued customer, you'll get totally free delivery together with any purchase. We do accept product returns at no extra cost if you are ever disappointed with an item. Intend to read recommendations and reviews by other clients? Have a look at our comments area to hear what other buyers are sharing about our products.
This product is high-quality, well made and inexpensive. Demand is very high and supply is limited, so don't just take our word for it. Get the pave cuban chain now and experience this beautiful design piece for yourself.