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Fear & Faith Of An Entrepreneur

Fear & Faith Of An Entrepreneur

I’m an entrepreneur and it’s scary. Being an entrepreneur fills me with fear at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I’m confident in my abilities, I work hard and every day is a personal quest to develop my skills and increase my knowledge. I apply and test this knowledge and over the years have gained experience which gives me confidence in my decisions and my judgment.

But I’m still scared.

The fear of inadequacy, of being unable to meet my lofty goals. The fear of somehow being unable to pay my daughter’s school tuition fees next month. The fear that I’ll let everyone who believes in me, who supports me and relies upon me, down.

The fear that all the time, effort, sacrifice and money in a project will be wasted. The fear I’ll make a mistake and lose customers. The fear I’ll put too much strain on my family. The fear of just being wrong. The fear of losing my house. The fear of losing it all.

Just to name a few.

Fear. It’s always there. As an entrepreneur, I’m sure it never goes away, no m