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When does the reporting become spam?

When does the reporting become spam?

When it comes to offering good services, everybody agrees that keeping the client informed is one of the main component of it. But what if the information you give is not really relevant for the client? Does it become a spam?

It's a question I keep wondering for some time.

I worked with some different people and, as an associate lawyer, I had to comply with the working procedures the company had. Sometimes, I only informed the client when something important in his case happened, like the discussions at the hearings where I represented him, a brief of the opponent party's defenses or the deadlines the law provides. 

But in other cases I was instructed to give information for every step I took for the client's project. For example, if I was to draft and send a notice of payment, I had to scan and send to the client the proof that I have sent it, and when the advice of delivery was signed by the recipient, again I was asked to scan and deliver it to the client.

I really don't think that this is a information the client needs, as long as the relation between a lawyer and his clients is based on trust and respect. There should be no doubt that the lawyer is doing his job, as the client asked. Furthermore, I think that people come to lawyers because they have a problem that needs to be solved by a professional in this field. Do they need to know how the lawyer is solving it to the smallest detail, or they just want to see the results?

There are situations when the lawyers need more information from the client in order to observe the legal issue and find the solution, so they send an email containing all the needed details. But the client doesn't reply always very fast, so I was asked by the partners to send a "kind reminder". Was it kind for real? I discovered in some situations annoyed responses where the clients said that they are working at gathering all I've asked, so they will come back with a response when everything is ready. These situations seemed awkward to me, as long as the client is the very first interested person to get to the results as soon as possible.

So, are these kind of e-mails a spam or not? 

I think they could be, knowing that a business man or woman is busy developing its business and doesn't want to waste time reading useless information from their lawyer.

I believe, thought, that the clients must be informed, but the lawyer needs to be as smart as to filter the information so to deliver only the relevant one.