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Do you want a discount?

The following is from a number of websites that offer seniors an opportunity to find out what discounts they have. I am listing some available in Canada and a link to a couple of pages where you can find more information. If you are not in Canada, I suggest a Google search Senior discounts (your country or state)

If you are a senior here are some general points about discounts, which I have pointed out before. From bus fare to movie tickets, senior citizens are discount-eligible almost everywhere in Canada. Here are a few sites where you can get more information,,

To get the discount:

Always ask!

Senior discounts are not always openly advertised. It is recommended that you ask about whether or not the store offers a discount every time you make a purchase.

See if you qualify?

Most senior discounts are open for everyone, but please note that some discounts require memberships in some association or other

Carry ID!

Always carry ID so you can prove our age when asked. Every discount in has a required minimum age so if you have id you can prove you qualify for the discount.

Here are some places that offer retail discounts

Home Hardware: 20% discount on select days. Contact your nearest outlet for more information.

Rexall Pharma Plus: 20% discount to CARP members. Exclusions apply.

Value Village: 30% discount every Tuesday at participating Value Village thrift stores. Seniors citizens with valid ID are eligible. Contact your nearest outlet for availability.

RONA: 15% discount if you are 50 years or older when you present a valid ID. For online purchases, use promo code 5015. Available on the first Tuesday of every month.

Lawtons Drugs: 20% discount once a month depending on store location to seniors who are 55 years old and above.

Exclusions apply.

Reno Depot: 15% discount to seniors who are 55 or older every first Tuesday of the month. Valid ID is required.

Giant Tiger: Customers who are 60 or older are eligible for senior discounts. Availability and discount depending on the store.

Goodwill Alberta: 15% discount every Wednesday to seniors who are 60 years old and above.

Goodwill Amity: Seniors who are 65 or older can get a 10% discount every day of the week. Bring valid ID

65 and older

British Columbia Transportation System: The whole public transportation system in British Columbia offers discounted fare rates and a bus pass program to seniors 65+. A valid BC Services Card must be shown to the driver when you pay

Calgary Transit: Seniors age 65+ are eligible to apply for Calgary Transit’s Regular Senior Yearly Pass and Low-Income Seniors Yearly Pass

Go Transit: For passengers age 65 and above, a single-ride fare is half the adult single-ride fare

Toronto Transit Commission: TTC offers discounted fares and passes for seniors 65+.

Ottawa Transit: Ottawa Transit offers free rides for seniors every Wednesday. Discounted monthly pass and lower cash and PRESTO e-purse fares also available

St. John’s Metrobus: St. John’s Metrobus offers discounted rates on their 10-ride pass and monthly/30-day pass to seniors age 65 and over.

Winnipeg Transit: Winnipeg Transit offers discounted fare rates for seniors age 65 or older. A valid identification card must be shown to the operator when boarding.

Do you want a discount?

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#1 Hi Kevin I agree with you, every day I work with seniors I learn.#1

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Very good post. Our elderly is the most wasted resource on the planet. They are the vending machine of ready made experience and wisdom at the same time as the tar in our roads to success.