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Enlightenment means that you know your own pure nature, the exact nature of the world, and the goal and purpose of life. Achieving this understanding is the greatest possible peace for a human.

For thousands of years, the path to enlightenment has been made up of many steps that evolve and change depending on which path you believe. The path could be Buddhist, Hindu, Zen, Kabbalist, Pantheistic, Wiccan, New Age, Cosmically Conscious, Galactic – the list goes on and on. Here are two paths to consider:

The first path is the eight steps or paths of Buddhism. In this system a person follows these eight divisions of the path will achieve spiritual enlightenment and cease suffering:

Right understanding: Understanding that the Four Noble Truths are noble and true.

Right thought: Determining and resolving to practice Buddhist faith.

Right speech: Avoiding slander, gossip, lying, and all forms of untrue and abusive speech.

Right conduct: Adhering to the idea of nonviolence (ahimsa), as well as refraining from any form of stealing or sexual impropriety.

Right means of making a living: Not slaughtering animals or working at jobs that force you to violate others.

Right mental attitude or effort: Avoiding negative thoughts and emotions, such as anger and jealousy.

Right mindfulness: Having a clear sense of one’s mental state and bodily health and feelings.

Right concentration: Using meditation to reach the highest level of enlightenment.

The second path is the 5 stages of Awakening

1. The Awakening

You may find yourself experiencing a synchronistic moment that unlocks something that was hidden within you: a remembering happens that gives you a broader understanding of your path, purpose and potential in this life.

2. The Alarm Clock

After you have found yourself awake, you begin to view life before your awakening as though it was just a dream. It becomes impossible to understand how you ever lived with a different point of view, and relating to others still stuck in that mindset becomes very frustrating. You may find that those who are sleeping are not ready to be woken up, and would prefer to hit the “snooze button.”

3. The Purge

As you are devouring a whole new set of programming, knowledge, and understanding – you may find yourself wanting to “purge” all of the information you are learning. The best way to facilitate an awakening for others is to lead by example.

4. Acceptance

The quote by Manly P. Hall stating, “experiences are the chemicals with which the philosopher experiments,” is the key to acceptance. No matter how much you learn, devour, remember, and appreciate – the only way to integrate all of what you are experiencing in your evolution of consciousness is to experience it in your three-dimensional reality.

5. Understanding/ Enlightenment

When the awakening first happened you may have found that you felt an extremely strong need to put a name to the new spiritual you have acquired. When your understanding of spirit is fully integrated, you come to realize that to be truly enlightened, you do not need a label or to be named.

Most commonly when you begin any path it begins with an awareness of misunderstandings that lead to pain, the pain then leads to growth, growth leads to clarity, clarity leads to fun, fun leads to joy, and joy leads to true illumination.

May I recommend skipping to the fun part?