Royce Shook en retired, Healthy Living, Teachers Workshop Facilitator • Cosco Health and Wellness Institute 27/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +500

For the Boomers

Who will stand up


the dreamers,

the poor

the music unsung?

These frail words

stand in the context of


piercing through the Frail 

curtain of humanity's weight.

Illusory shadows of life have

hidden our soul.

We need to

stop our insane dance of consumption

and act and love

under starry, starry skies and star-lit candles.

Will we, as Boomers, again stand up

for the Dreamers

the eccentric wheelers,

for silences unsaid

and the words unheard

Those were the days by Mary Hopkins reminded me that we may be older but no wiser and perhaps that is perhaps a good thing as we may have yet time to fulfil not just the opportunities of our youth, but the promises we mad to ourselves in our youth. 

At one point in my life, I believed that we all had the same ability to  grasp the opportunities that came along. I did not realise that this idea was not true. Opportunities are always there, but because of many factors in our life, or the way we build our way of seeing the world some of us see these opportunities but we do not act on the opportunities that come along. Some of us for the same reasons never see the opportunities so have no opportunity to act.

Those of us who were lucky seized some opportunities and ignored others; while we continued to live our life's and engage with the world. However, when we were young we made promises to ourselves, and if we have not yet fulfilled those promises, my hope is that as we get older, we remember, then act on, and keep those promises. 

I saw, many years ago, on a graffiti wall this message: "I wish I could be the hero/heroine, I thought I would be when I was 10. " As younger Boomers move into their 60's and older move into their 70's maybe we will have the chance and the courage to be that hero/heroine once more.

For the Boomers