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Happy Canada Day to all who live in this wonderful country. The Pandemic is still with us as we approach a new normal and we are unsure of what will bring us together and what may tear us apart. However, there are always issues that can separate us, but we still are lucky to live where we live. The issues are important, but we have the ability to sit down and talk about our differences in a civil and respectful way.  

The sun this morning rose over Newfoundland and will set over BC tonight. The colours over the Maritimes were especially impressive. The Great Lakes caught the sun at just the right time. A few Manitobans up early enough even wondered if Summer was still holding the fort. The Northern lights danced and dazzled the visitors to the Northwest Territories. In the Yukon, Emerald Lakes’ green water with its mountain range dropback makes us stop in wonder. While Nunavut situated above the tree line, in a region of predominantly treeless tundra with dwarf shrubs, grasses, mosses, and lichens that blaze in summer glory awoke to a beautiful summer day.

Ontario woke up to a new reality and many of them are shaking their heads wondering what happened, but they know common sense will prevail

The happy children in Saskatchewan said to say, “Hi!” The oil workers in Alberta said, “Thanks for the laugh!” The realtor in Quebec asked, “Are you sure about the farmer’s market?” The dancer in PEI whispered, “Don’t tell a soul…” And the sage in BC said, “If you travel be respectful of your hosts, and you have exactly what you need to travel!”

Tell me do you have any recollection of all your other-worldly to-ings and fro-ings, yet? Or are we still pretending we are not in one of the greatest countries in the world?


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#2 Hi Ken, my son-in-law 9(He is Australian as is my daughter now and my grandson) says the same thing and having visited Australia many times over the last ten years I agree with him when Australia celebrates on January 26th. Every other day we agree to disagree when I say Canada is the best country except for Australia. that is.

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Royce Shook Jul 1, 2020 · #5

#3 Hi Mohammed, we have an immigration policy that many in Canada agree with and many disagree with, I agree with our current policies but I know they can be better. By the way, I am a second-generation Canadian, whose grandparents on both sides came to this country to find a better life. They did through hard work, and the willingness of Canadians, at the time, to accept them, accents and all. So we as Canadians still have work to do to keep up our efforts.

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#1 Hi Don, no I have not closed my mind or shut down reading publications that are critical of my country. We have many flaws but as I said in the post, we have the ability to sit down and talk about our differences in a civil and respectful way. By being respectful of our differences we can begin to work through them, in the meantime, we need to celebrate our country warts and all.

Mohammed Abdul Jawad Jul 1, 2020 · #3

Perhaps, Canada’s immigration policy is different from the rest of the world, and based on merits and ratings, it takes the best and brightest immigrants who can make contributions to country’s economy and society. And, people from diverse nations belonging to different religions, race, cultures and ethnicity have settled down in Canada and feel a part of the Canadian tableau.

Yes, the greatness of Canada is that it has become an exemplar nation by allowing multicultural workforce to embrace their new home, Canada. And they all love Canada because of nuanced harmony, integrating multiculturalism and good government policies.

All accolades to Canadian Government for endorsing its careful and flexible immigration policies that benefits the nation’s economy while allowing new immigrants to lead stable lives and thrive reasonably.

Cheer up Canada for keeping up excellent efforts as a great democracy!

Ken Boddie Jul 1, 2020 · #2

Best country in the world, Royce ... next to Australia that is. 🤗

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"Proud"..."wonderful" you must have closed your subscription to any decent publication, maybe it's all those pills old people take nowadays, or the aluminum or listening to @dimmurray and the sycophants.