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Inviting Your Teddy Bears for Tea

The first thing you need to do is make a list of all the people you are planning to invite. Help your child with this but remember, kids, love to do this. Letting them decide on who gets to come to their teddy bears’ tea party will make them feel very grown-up and in charge. 

If you are helping your child or grandchild to plan this tea party try having a teddy bear themed one. Simply invite everyone to bring along their favourite teddy bears for an afternoon tea party. Tea parties are a lot of fun and everyone can take part.

Try creating your very own invitations by cutting the paper into a teddy bear shape. Make sure you let everyone know that they must bring their teddy bear. In case someone forgets, you may want to have a few teddy bears handy.

Put a tablecloth on the table you’ll be using and try to find a few teddy bear decorations. A large teddy bear in the centre of the table would make a great centrepiece and the kids will love it. Have a nameplate for each child and their guest and don’t forget that Teddy needs to drink too. Remember teddy bears don’t really drink, make sure you don’t put anything in their cups or a child may try it.

As soon as everyone arrives you can have them all place their teddy bears in the chairs and begin with games. Teddy Bear- Teddy Bear is a fun game to play, pin the tail, For the pin the tail you may want to draw your own giant teddy bear and have the kids pin the bee on the nose. Let the kids have a fun time and then invite them over to the table for tea.

Make sure you have plenty of finger sandwiches for everyone. You don’t need anything fancy, just slice up a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into fours. Milky tea is the perfect type to go with a teddy bears’ tea party and don’t forget the dessert. What bear doesn’t like sweets?

For musical entertainment, at tea, you could play some songs with Teddy Bear in the title or in the lyrics. Thanks to Dominique for the idea of adding a musical section to this post. Some songs about Teddy Bears are:

Teddy Bear's Picnic by Anne Murray · 1977

The Teddy Bear Song by Barbara Fairchild · 1972

Teddy Bear by Red Sovine-1976

Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley · 1957

Teddy Bear Lost by Kidzone · 2011

To Know Him Is to Love Him by The Teddy Bears · 1981

One Little, Two Little Teddy Bears by Kidzone · 2011

The Return - Of the Velvet Teddy Bear by Ruben Studdard · 2006

Me and My Teddy Bear by Kidzone · 2007

Teddy Bear's Picnic by The Kiboomers · 2009

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around by The Kiboomers · 2013

Inviting Your Teddy Bears for Tea

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