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On the road of life, sometimes we make a wrong turn. Lessons from our GPS

Over the years I have had many adventures and traveled many roads. I love the idea of serendipity, which is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Most of my adventures and I hope your adventures as well, over the years have been for the most part happy ones and the result of serendipity.

My first adventure with GPS was interesting and gave my friends and I a wonderful story.  Think about life, here you are driving down the road of life. Things are going well.  You know where you're heading. Your GPS device is guiding you along the way and everything is going smoothly.  The GPS speaks up and says: "In 300 meters, turn right." But you know the area, and decide that you will turn left, as the GPS is taking a route that you know and at this point don’t want to travel. So you turn left.

Others driving on the road of life with you may think, why did you do that, you may have screwed up! You didn't stick to the plan.  You sabotaged the entire trip! You couldn't even follow simple instructions.

Is any of that what the GPS unit says?  No, of course not.  It simply says something like:  "Recalculating" or "Rerouting".

On the road of life, we all make turns that don’t give us the results we need or want. Sometimes because we're not paying attention, sometimes it's because the path looks too difficult, sometimes we just fall back into old patterns.

If you have made a wrong turn on the path of life, it is never too late, just take a lesson from the GPS.  Re-examine where you are now, reconfirm where you want to go and recalculate your route. No judgments - just get back on track!

Remember we are all doing the best we can. One wrong turn now and then isn't the end of the world - you can always recalculate.

On the road of life, sometimes we make a wrong turn. Lessons from our GPS

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A great way to travel, Serendipity. Shall remember that, thanks ":O)

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