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Phases of Retirement

Over the next few posts, I am going to look at the Phases of Retirement. The first post will define the phases, the next few will examine what happens in each phase.

Definitions of Phases

Individuals in the Independent Phase of later life have no physical limitations.

Individuals in the Decline Phase of later life have mild physical limitations, including difficulty with one or more of the following activities:

Walking 100 yards

Sitting for about two hours

Getting up from a chair after sitting for long periods

Climbing several flights of stairs without resting

Stooping, kneeling or crouching

Reaching or extending arms above shoulder level (either arm)

Pulling or pushing large objects, like a living room chair

Lifting or carrying weights over 10 pounds, like a heavy shopping bag of groceries

Picking up a 25 cent coin from a table

Using a map to figure out how to get around in a strange place

Recognising when you are in physical danger

Preparing a hot meal

Shopping for groceries

Doing work around the house or garden

Individuals in the Dependent Phase of later life have severe physical limitations including difficulty with one or more of the following activities:

Climbing one flight of stairs without resting

Dressing, including putting on shoes and socks

Walking across a room

Bathing or showering

Eating, such as cutting up food

Getting in or out of bed

Using the toilet, including getting up or down

Making telephone calls

Communication (speech, hearing or eyesight)

Taking medications

Managing money, such as paying bills and keeping track of expenses

Phases of Retirement