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Special People

The world is a wonderful place, there are so many splendours no matter where you now live. When we were young the world was in exquisite balance, and we viewed in just such a way that we would never, ever become bored. Do you remember those times, life was new, the world was exciting?

Exciting not boring, because there were a few valleys so that we could deeply appreciate the peaks. A few scaly, ugly, biting creatures, to make the others more adorable. Some slippery slopes, dangerous curves, and moving targets, to show us how agile, brilliant, and cunning we were. And some quicksand, tornadoes, and earthquakes, to help us appreciate a stolen nap, an evening stroll, and quiet times.

But, best of all were all the special people that populated our lives, we did not think of them as special, but they were. These were the people who had the perspectives and traits so unlike your own that sometimes it would seem your only means of surviving the relationship would be learning to love yourself, even more. They came into our lives when we least expected them to appear and when they had completed the tasks, they had to do with us, they left. As we grew older for some of us, fewer and fewer of these special people appeared in our life because we became less and less open to embracing them. In retirement we have the opportunity to start to allow these very special people back into our lives to see how they can make our life more exciting. Be open to the new and enjoy the adventure.

Special People

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