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Tips to Prevent Loneliness part two

The first question to answer is what kinds of friends you are looking for? Once you know, you can choose to engage in activities that will give you an opportunity to meet new people who share your interests. For example, are there political, religious, sports, social or other groups that you could re-engage with? Here are some habits that you could develop that could help you make new friends.

Habit #1 – Go Out, Meet New People Once A Month

If you want to build a social life, you need to constantly be meeting new people. Not everyone you meet will be a good fit for you, and not all your friends will be around forever. This is why you need to be supplying yourself with new faces, but not necessarily more than what you’re comfortable with.

You can dial it up or down, but don’t stop it; people won’t come knocking on your door to meet you.

What I recommend is to commit to helping some sort of social community that has the kind of people you want as friends. When you find a good community or group, go to the organizing team and offer to help, and get involved.

Most of them love to have more people involved, even if they don’t need that much help. They just appreciate your presence and will be grateful. You’ll instantly be in a position of a value-giver.

This works very well for two reasons. First, it’ll be more than easy for you to meet new people; many members of that community will come to you and get to know you, as one of the hosts. Second, this commitment will somewhat force you to go out and attend their social events, which means that you won’t need any more motivation to do it. It’s like beating procrastination before it even starts.

Habit #2 – Do Something Social Once A Week

Again, if you have to remember to be social, you probably won’t do it. This is why I suggest that you focus on building new habits, once and for all.

First, let’s make sure you don’t forget to keep in touch with people. What you do here is make a mark in your calendar an hour of time where you usually don’t do anything important. Block that hour, every week, for reaching out to people, calling, sending texts, etc. Something like Wednesday at 7 pm works great.

When you make that decision, you won’t have to remember to call people, you’ll just do it for one hour and enjoy the week without worrying that maybe you’re ignoring people.

During that hour, contact new and old friends, and try and make plans to meet with some of them. If you have one social activity per week, that’s far better than having no clarity and no co