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Want to feel young at heart?

All of the items listed below are younger than I am, so, I feel blessed to have had all of these in my life.

· Bonanza premiered 60 years ago.

· The Beatles split 50 years ago.

· Laugh-In premiered nearly 52 years ago.

· Elvis is dead 42 years old. He'd be 84 today.

· The Thriller video is 36 years old.

· Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin dead 49 years.

· John Lennon dead 39 years.

· Mickey Mantle retired 51 years ago.

· Back to the Future is 35 years old.

· Saturday Night Fever is 42 years old.

· The Ed Sullivan show ended 47 years ago.

· The Brady Bunch premiered 50 years ago.

· The triplets on My Three Sons are 50.

· Tabitha from Bewitched is 55.

· The Corvette turned 66 this year.

· The Mustang is 55.

· If you were born in the '50s, you've had 12 presidents

· The Karate Kid is now older than Mr. Miyagi.

o Ralph Macchio, who played Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid, was supposed to be a teen in the 1984 movie. But he was actually 22. Today, Macchio is all grown up—so much, in fact, that he's now older than Mr. Miyagi was at the time. Pat Morita, who played Miyagi, was a mere 52 years old back then, while Macchio is currently 57.

· Kids graduating high school in 2019 were born in the 2000s.

· Today's kids have always been able to communicate with emojis.

o From emails and texts to social media posts, emojis have become a common part of how we communicate since they launched in 1999. According to the official Unicode list, there are now nearly 2,800 different emojis in use today. And though people of all ages use emojis, some of us remember a time when inserting a smiley face into a text message was a colon and a half parenthesis. But kids born in the 21st century have always had emojis. Try explaining to a teenager how 20th-century teens communicated almost solely with words, and they'll look at you like you're nuts.

Want to feel young at heart?

Royce Shook 5 d ago · #5

#4 John, white or red?

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John Rylance 5 d ago · #4

I prefer to live in my world where like the Simpsons nobody grows older however long they've been around. Royce your post is reality. I once read reality is an illusion caused by alcoholic deprecation. Now where's that corkscrew.

Ken Boddie 5 d ago · #3

#2 I must admit, Royce, that I also missed out on my Boy Scouts map folding badge. 😳

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Royce Shook 5 d ago · #2

#1 Ken, I can follow a map and a compass, to get from point A to point B, but I never learned the secret of folding the map back to it's original size.

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Ken Boddie 5 d ago · #1

I still can read and use a map and compass and get from A to B without my phone or GPS. I also remember seeing a Police Box being used without the slightest thought about Dr Who or aliens. I also still have an abacus and a slide rule at home and can still use them, even though my offspring think I used them to build the pyramids. Or how about waiting for one or two days before seeing your photographs after the chemist developed them?
I’m available for consultations, once all the satellites are blasted from the sky and the cloud self destructs ... if you can find me. 😂🤣😂

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