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What makes a good teacher

This post is for my young teacher friends who are just starting out in this wonderful profession. I taught at the secondary level, the university level, worked at the Board and Provincial (State) level. The schools I worked in were mostly inner city, and had problems with gangs and race. I still have good relationships with many of my ex students. So over the years I have learned what makes a good teacher extraordinary.  The International Center for Leadership in Education completed a study of what makes a teacher extraordinary. The study was built on three earlier studies that explored.

  • the reasons some schools had high-achieving students in spite of high poverty and other markers that seem to preclude success
  • the ways these schools were able to close the achievement gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students
  • the observations of students in these studies who were interviewed about their learning and their teachers’ teaching. 

What makes a good teacher

From these explorations, the new study identifies 10 characteristics of extraordinary teachers: 

1. Student-Teacher Relationships. The teacher creates an atmosphere of mutual respect in which students and teachers are involved together in the learning process.

2. Commitment to Student Success. The teacher believe