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n this age of technology whatever you trying to sell whether a product or even a service has to be out there in the open world of internet. It helps you gain recognition and improves your accessibility to people since everything is just a click away nowadays. To start something, you need to have an idea, conceptualize it in a website and build a website. Once that is in place, how are you going to generate traffic on your page? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. SEO in layman’s term means that how recognized your website is that it appears on the first page of Google. It totally depends on the ranking of the page. Your website can be optimized using target keywords that Google picks up. We have tried to list down certain ways that you can optimize your website with our expert from and make sure to include this steps right after the launch so as to rank your website from the very beginning. Some of them are:


  • Target Keywords: Firstly, try to divide your page into primary and secondary keywords. Then make sure each page has the correct amount of keywords and are strategically placed. And lastly, avoid any stuffing of keywords in one page. Instead divide your website into several pages and accordingly place your keywords.
  • Quality Google-Friendly Content: According to a study, a page which has more than 2000+ words of relevant content together using nominal usage of keywords are ranked higher than the others. But make sure to write quality over quantity. Whatever you write, should in some way answer certain questions of your users. In this way, you will keep your users engaged and your content relevant.
  • Optimize Title Tag: Your title tag is the text that Google displays. Make sure it is accurate and easily comprehensible for the users. Also each page should contain title tags which describes your page accurately and each title should be SEO optimized keywords. Also try and keep your short and crisp under 60 characters so the Google doesn’t truncate it due to excessive length.
  • Engaging Meta Descriptions: A meta descriptionis a short snippet of information about your title and URL which appears in the Google’s search results. Do not try to overuse the keywords, because that comes under the radar of Google and it can penalize you for misleading the results. Use words that encourages users to click on the URL which will guide them to your website.
  • Google Analytics and Google’s Search Console: Both these tools provided by Google is a great way to understand the pattern in which your users navigate through the page and thus giving you insights on focus areas which needs improvement thus helping you in optimizing your website at regular intervals.
  • Build Links: Lastly, opt for the traditional SEO method of reaching out to your friends and family so that they can help you spread the word about your site. Invite Guest blogging to write more about your page. Use your contacts with website owners and bloggers to create a buzz.
SEO is a dynamic concept and all these above-mentioned ways can be altered depending on your website. Which is why trying using these points to your advantage and make the most of it. 

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