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It is the basic thumb rule that as soon as we optimize our website with SEO- friendly keywords, the sales are bound to increase. As Rome was not built in a day so is the case with website that has been optimized. Even after the website has been optimized it takes times for your sales to increase. The wait to see your sales boost up is irresistible. If you have not analyzed the amount of time or money that is required to generate results can lead to major budget shortfalls and result in failure of SEO results. Thus calculating the time as to how soon the SEO will deliver results is important so as to avoid any disappointment in the later stage. Any SEO is content driven and its success completely depends on the quality of the content, for such power packed content you can refer to the website


 Search engine optimization is definitely effective to increase the footfall and trafficto your website but this does not happen in a jiffy. SEO demands patience and long term investment. Also it should be remembered that it needs time and money to build but also it does require adequate time to build trust with the leading search engines as google or Bing. Usually it could take anytime between 4 to 12 months for a website to generate result if it has been optimized.

Factors affecting the result after the implementation of SEO:

1] The effective Seo strategy- Any SEO is targeted to generate useful traffic to your website in an effective and sensible way. The aim is to reach the prospective customers who are in need of the products and services supplied by your website. Organic footfall is essential to avoid wastage of time and resources as people approach you for cookies if you are a cake baker, then this iscomplete wastage of your resources. The factor that should be borne in mind that using high traffic generating keywords in the website content can generate traffic, but stuffing of keywords can lower the rank of the website by the search engines and also they may block it on account of being a spam site. The search engines wotk on complex algorithms and these evolve very rapidly. The generic keywords that were earlier put to use have no longer any utility and will be of no help in generating traffic to the website. Long trail phrases are less compitive and generate more traffic.

2] Maturity of your website and its domain- If the website is fresh and full with good content, the search engines usually take 6 to 9 months to place trust on your website and its matter. The time of the domain and its history also affects the results. A established domain with good reputation can boost your website technique.

3] Content is crucial- The content of the website should be meaningful and engaging. Only a good quality content can engage the customers and keep them loyal to your website.

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Depends on the interpretation of what SEO actually is. The first rule of SEO is a dedicated IP.