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While running a business, there is a lot of other things that go into it except for planning, money and time. There goes in some strategies. One such strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Before actually diving deep into strategizing your content through SEO, let us first understand what it exactly means. SEO is majorly concerned with ensuring your website more ranking on the search engine results with more traffic on your website. Initially, you could do so with using certain keywords that drive people to your site, but since 2015 there is a lot more to SEO than just mere keywords to be a part of a wider digital marketing plan. Here is how you can strategize your content using SEO:


  • Know your target market: Before actually driving the crowd to your website, analyze what type of people are your targeting. Once you know that, you can have a much more targeted approach to attract only those interested people on your site. Try to study the demographics, what your market is searching and how, as well as where are they located. By studying such parameters, it will be easier for you to locate your customer and provide them what they need.
  • Mobile applications over desktop: In the past years, people have had a considerable switch from desktops to mobiles, since it provides all the facilities that can possibly fit in your palms. If you are running a website, make sure it reaches to your customer’s phone as well by way of application. Make sure it is easily comprehensible and user-friendly which can increase its accessibility.
  • Expansion of Search Engines: Whenever we talk about the tech giant, the first name that pops up is Google. But there are other search engines as well which are gaining popularity like DuckDuckGo and even the already existing ones like Yahoo and Firefox. Make sure you are covering all these search engines.
  • Keywords should correspond to your ROI: There are certain set of keywords which ranks high up on the website. But, your goal should be getting one such keyword that is relevant to your content and SEO strategy rather than just combining a set of words. Try not to measure your keyword success in simple numbers, instead find out your what ROI you are getting in return to your SEO efforts.

Clear website and quality content: A user-friendly website with clear navigation, SEO keywords and optimized with relevant and quality content, alike is what is needed to drive relevant people to your website. Make sure to not change the quality of your content to just drive more people to your website.

SEO can be quite challenging for many since people think that stuffing your site more with keywords will not help you in any way, on the contrary, it is a big turn off for the search engines since they have more difficulty in searching and filtering out relevant content. Using creativity does not mean to kill your originality. Keep your originality intact and you will attract genuinely interested users.