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Почему играть онлайн стало столь модно

Modern technologies are rapidly developing and those things that were 30 years ago equaled to fiction, are widely used in everyday life. Nowadays the "World Wide Web" has managed to envelop almost every house, to connect the majority of the inhabitants of the planet in a single network, and after all, it took some quarter of a century since its inception. With the help of the Internet we communicate, work and have fun. Today's material on how the online first casino appeared, which gave a crazy push to the development of a huge gambling industry.

Почему играть онлайн стало столь модно

In 1994, the British company Microgaming created the first platform for a network gambling establishment, on which it was already possible to build a full-fledged online casino. The exact date for the release of the first site, where gambling was given for money, is not known, but presumably in 1996 around 15 similar projects were registered around the world. In the same year 1994, the state of Antigua and Barbuda issued a bill under which, on a legal basis, the operator could obtain a license to provide gambling from this country.

Progressive Jackpot

A year later, in online gambling establishments, there was another know-how - progressive jackpot. Thanks to this innovation, the popularity of gambling houses in the network began to grow even more: a certain percentage of the lost money was accumulated in a single prize fund, which later could get to absolutely any player! Potential huge winnings excited the minds of the gamblers, creating a chic advertisement for lovers of excitement around the world.