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Russell Maksuta: Benefits of Cycling

Russell Maksuta: Benefits of Cycling

Russell Maksuta has made the decision to take care of his body through living a vegan lifestyle, weightlifting, and cycling. While nutrition goes hand in hand with overall physical fitness, and strengthening those muscles is certainly of import, cycling alone can do wonders for your overall health.

Of course, there are the obvious benefits for cardiovascular health, muscle toning, endurance, and weight loss. There are also the incredible perks of sleeping much better and even looking younger! If you wear yourself out with quality exercise, you’ll be able to drift off sooner; your body needs that sleep to recover, so it won’t waste any time getting there. As for your looks (aside from losing weight and toning up), the increase in circulation will help bring more oxygen to your cells and move toxins out faster, helping them heal to correct damage and prevent wrinkles.

Bowels move more efficiently, your brain works faster and more creatively, your mood elevates, your immune system perks up – you live longer. Since you’re going to be around longer, get your friends, partner, spouse, or kids to join you. Cycling will help relationships by enabling you to spend more time with these people, plus when it comes to your spouse or partner, there are the added romantic benefits from all of that increased endurance and more efficient blood flow.

The list of benefits goes on and Russell Maksuta and countless others across the country are catching on to the amazing and easily-gained benefits from cycling.