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Here's how your competitors are bagging the best talent!

Here's how your competitors are bagging the best talent!

Homeworking Pioneers are creating a competitive advantage in their markets and the gap between these bold forerunners and those businesses that are lagging behind is set to grow wider over the next couple of years. Virgin Media Digital Insights Data reports that the percentage of businesses enabling employees to work from home has risen to 61% in 2017.

Some business benefits are obvious. Reduced overhead, cost savings from less office space, a wider talent pool because you are not just restricted to those on your doorstep, 24/7 coverage and the like, but there are other reasons to begin looking at this gem of a concept right now.

A recent report by Grant Thornton describes how Robotics will be used in the future to perform routine and repetitive processes that are usually undertaken by back office and front office employees – driving down costs, improving efficiency and compliance and leaving the human workforce to focus on the high value tasks. Enter stage right the need for Knowledge Workers!

Work happens in Brains – not offices!

Knowledge workers are people whose job involves working with their minds, handling or using information. Their ideas for new products, research, interpretations, and findings will keep the economy and society evolving and give your business competitive advantage.

Small wonder that the strategist that you employed last year and required to spend 5 days a week tethered to email, in an office where a pin could be heard to drop, suddenly did a runner.

Take Malware Tech, the 22 year old blogger who is credited with stopping the cyber attack on the NHS and others. I cannot for one moment believe that he was doing a planned shift in an office. In fact, I read that he was out having lunch with a friend when the news broke. He’s apparently a keen surfer who lives in the South West and tweets about the beautiful view he’s got!

Brainy workers are set to become premium talent in the new world of work and it is they that will influence the agenda for Homeworking. If you are not offering it then you’re going to attract second rate candidates who will put up with the drudgery of commuting.

A Knowledge Worker’s whole DNA is built around curiosity, a constant desire to learn more and their inquisitive nature does not alwa