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Home Working and Collaboration - Tips from Charlie!

Home Working and Collaboration - Tips from Charlie!

Charlie, the Abodoo mascot, is very cute and great company in my home office.

But, one of the fears Home Workers have is isolation, so communicate with them regularly.

However, home workers don't want that normal corporate blah, blah, blah!

They want authentic, interesting, informative and fun collaboration. We advise

- Setting up regular team events either face to face or online

- Ensure regular time for 1:1 catch ups is scheduled (and stuck to).

- Slack and similar systems have discussion boards, blogs and even a water cooler site where members can post photos and discuss various topics related to work and the industry

These simple tips will help create stronger bonds and keep your remote employee in the work loop.

If you are thinking of setting up home working in your business we have realms more insights, tips and templates to share with you.

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