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While you are commuting.....I am working!

While you are commuting.....I am working!

Nine out of ten Employees believe that the quality of the working environment affects their attitude and ultimately, their productivity. This is my environment.

About 4 years ago I became wheelchair bound for a while and realised the importance of Remote Working and just how much talent is out there that cannot do the commute. These days, I am a passionate advocate and support Abodoo. com as their Director of People.

We are determined to give home workers more opportunities. The business benefits are many fold and if home working is adopted widely the impact on society will be powerful.

And I am at least 15% more productive because I don't have to commute. I work instead.
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Did you know there is a rich seam of talent at ? They want to work at Home too. As we reach the summer school holidays the ability to attract people to do the commute becomes even more difficult.

Right now, your organisation has a golden opportunity to attract the best talent to your business.

Thousands of gifted workers are registering daily.......from digital experts, to marketing gurus, from contact centre advisors and GDPR experts to cyber security specialists, underwriters and actuaries, from legal oracles to recruiters and more.

They match the roles that your business is trying to fill.

Try it.

Ruth Gawthorpe is the Director of People for Abodoo and is passionate about uniting businesses with the 'right' remote worker. Get in Touch. 07976509551