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14 Brands winning Instagram with User-Generated Content

14 Brands winning Instagram with User-Generated Content

Could the key to getting your clout up via social be as simple as showing off customer photos?

Based on the content strategies of some of social’s biggest players, the answer appears to be a resounding “Yes.”

It’s crystal clear that user-generated content absolutely dominates social platforms such as Instagram. From real-life models to spectacular settings that make your followers drool, today’s most popular brands understand that putting their customers in the spotlight is an absolute must-do for building a loyal base.

Beyond catching the eyes of your current followers and attracting new ones, the importance of leveraging UGC can’t be stressed enough for modern brands.


For starters, UGC has become a staple of businesses and an expectation for today’s consumers. Over 86% of businesses have some sort of user-generated content strategy in place. Meanwhile, millennials trust user-generated advertising 50% more than traditional marketing messages.

Beyond building buzz, there’s also the financial incentive to leverage UGC. Shopify notes that user-generated advertising receives four times higher of a click-through rate versus any other type of marketing.

Considering that user-generated photos are being shared by the millions, there’s certainly plenty of content out there for brands to leverage, too.

So, customer photos and user-generated content represent the common thread between the most buzz-worthy social brands. But what does that mean for you?

What can budding brands with smaller follower-counts learn from these same juggernauts?

We’ve outlined 14 awesome examples of customer photos in action which can inspire your own social content campaigns. Each of these examples represents a specific lesson in the world of leveraging UGC that any brand can apply to their own marketing strategy.

Now, let’s dive right in:

Customer Photos: 14 Brands Winning Instagram With User-Generated Content