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The Thobe for Men is an Exciting Garment

The Thobe for Men is an Exciting Garment

Have you ever seen an Arab Sheikh in your life before? If you have not done so, you should just stand near the exit counter on any of the major airports in the world, especially when you have some planes arriving from the Gulf countries. You will soon spot some gentleman or the other wearing a long white colored robe strutting out of the airport. That long piece of clothing is the famous Islamic men’s clothing, thobe.

What is so special about the thobe? The biggest specialty is that it is an all-weather dress. You can wear it in summer as well as winter. Of course, it does not rain much in the places these Arabs live. However, as far as protection from the heat and cold is concerned, this is perfect for them. The thobe is a very common dress in these parts of the world. Every Arab must be having hundreds of them in his wardrobe.

thobe for men

It has also caught up with the rest of the Islamic population in the world. You have the variants of the thobe everywhere today. In India, they call it the Jubba whereas, the thobe has a nice name in Pakistan called the kaftan. In India, people do wear them but only on festive occasions. You would find it very difficult to move around with the thobe in India. However, you will always find every Muslim wardrobe having at least a couple of jubbas or its variants.

The thobe is a flowing garment that originates at the neck and extends right up to your ankles. You can always wear your normal clothing beneath the thobe. In Arabia, it is literally compulsory to wear the thobe. We are not talking about the legal compulsion, but the environmental compulsion. The climate in the places these Arabs live can get very hot. Under such circumstances, you need complete protection. There is no other male garment other than the thobe that can offer you such complete protection.

Winters in the Gulf countries can be harsh as well. The same thobe can provide the necessary warmth. Sandstorms are very common in these places. The thobe is just the perfect garment during such sandstorms. You can just rise and dust off the sand and get along with your work without any fuss. Try doing the same with your regular suits. You will understand the difference explicitly.

In the normal course, these thobes are pure white in color. However, you do get to see a splash of colors in recent times. Even today, the traditional Arab will still plump for the white thobe in place of the others.

The thobe for men is a much travelled men’s garment. You find these garments in almost every country that has a sizeable Islamic population. In Mumbai,