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Best Airports in the World

Best Airports in the World

Traveling is something most people love to partake in, but actually being in an airport leaves much to be desired for the average traveller. Oftentimes, airports are brimming with people and it’s hard to tell just how long you’ll be in line with security before you get to your seat. With layovers and impatient people, it’s easy to understand why airports aren’t where people are most at home, but there are some airports in the world that make it a great location to be before or after a trip. The following airports are known worldwide for their incredible comforts, interesting architecture, or unique attributes that make travelers feel just a little bit more comfortable.

Dubai International (DBX)

The world’s busiest airport is also the world’s largest duty-free shopping center, the Dubai International Airport allows travellers the chance to shop at their favorite stores before boarding their flight.

Singapore Changi (SIN)

This airport has been ranked the best airport by Skytrax Award for four years in a row and for good reason. Not only does this airport have two free cinemas and a swimming pool, it also has a butterfly garden to help you calm down before or after you get off of the plane.

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