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Scenic Winter Train Rides

Scenic Winter Train Rides

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Typically, train rides are most popular during the summertime. While this may be the case, taking a train ride during the winter has the potential to be even more exhilarating. You see the mountains which turn from green to white and rather than enjoying the moving landscape from an air-conditioned coach; you can watch it in the heated comfort of your cozy quarters as you peer out at snowfields and icicle-laden boughs. There are also a plethora of holiday-themed trains during the winter that add an extra level of fun, especially for the family. So, here are some scenic winter train rides you should check out.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is both a Caldecott Medal-winning children’s book and a movie starring Tom Hanks. The idea based on the book and movie was also re-created with 40 polar Express rides in 24 states which eats over one million passengers, each year. This is a great choice for families, as the story is read and performed by the onboard actors; plus, Santa, his elves, and the dancing chefs serve hot chocolate and other treats you can enjoy while en route to the “North Pole.” Most of these rides run on heritage railroads through scenic spots such as the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rainer, and the Catskills.

Christmas Feast Train

Strasburg is known to many train enthusiasts as the United States’ oldest short-line railroad as it has been operating since the mid-1800s. The area is also home to one of the country’s merriest menus of holiday trains. The Christmas Feast Train slices through Pennsylvania Dutch farm country in Lancaster County. They also pay homage to the Amish tradition of celebrating Christmas with rather lavish dinners, so Friday nights, they feature a course of honey-glazed ham, slow-cooked turkey, gingerbread cookies, and eggnog.

The Santa Train

You won’t hear any whines from children when they board the Napa Valley Wine Train once it has transformed into the Santa Train. The reason for that is because they are too busy playing games and singing Christmas carols with Santa and his costumed drew on board. They are also fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies with hot cocoa for them to enjoy while the parents can sip cabernets and champagnes. Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve Dinner trains also part of the different Wine Train excursions.