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Can you have more than one niche?

Can you have more than one niche?

Do you have a niche? Are you working on one? Are you specialized in a specific wedding style or client?
Or, are you trying to attract every client? Even though you might think that attracting every client will get you all the leads coming your way, that might not be the best solution to get more business.
Start asking yourself who you are, what you do best, what you know best, and who you want to work with, what type of client you understand best, what types of weddings you’re very familiar with.
We’re all wedding professionals and we all provide similar services but, what do you do better than others? How do you stand out? How can you serve your clients better?

I work with several wedding professionals who are starting their business, and they have a hard time to understand the benefits of having a niche. They think a niche will limit their exposure and it won’t allow them to make money. This will actually generate the opposite: If you know who your ideal client is and what’s you’re really good at, you will know where to find them, how to attract them, and they will come to you. Why? Because you share the same interests, taste, they will see you as the expert they want to work with. You are both talking the same language.

A common question I get asked is: “Can you have more than one niche?” This is something that you need to figure out on your own – unless you hire a business coach like me who can guide you by identifying your unique skills. Sometimes having two different niches is not a good idea, your brand identity and message can become confusing, and you will end up getting no clients. However, you can have more than one niche as long as they are connected in some way.

Let’s look at my specific case. I have two completely different clients when it comes to weddings:

  • Middle Eastern, Asian, or multi-ethnic couples envisioning over the top, upscale weddings. We usually work on large celebrations (200-300 people or more), opulent ballroom receptions with a lot of details. These are very elaborate even productions with draping, lighting, entertainment, lots of visual effects, specialty furniture, specialty linens, etc. These clients want to impress their guests and they come to me for unique ideas and a glamorous look
  • American or European couples looking for simple, relaxed, nature-inspired (destination) weddings. These brides and grooms prefer small weddings (50-100 people), very personal and meaningful ceremonies outdoors or at the beach and a lot of custom do-it-yourself touches. They are not interested in having a lot of vendors involved in the productions, their main goal is just to make their gues