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Earth laughs in flowers

Earth laughs in flowers

On Sunday we’ll be celebrating Earth Day. As a certified Green Wedding Planner, I always try to incorporate eco-friendly solutions. That way, I know that my clients are having a great time with friends and family and they’re helping the environment, too.

This beautiful quote reminds us to look around and enjoy every minute of our daily life, to stop and smell the roses, to live in the moment. Unfortunately, we’re always very busy and we don’t seem to have the time to slow down. However, we are human beings and we are directly connected to our planet. We should be able to slow down and enjoy every minute. Not only in our personal life but also as business owners. Let’s take care of our environment, let’s admire the beauty of our planet, let’s respect Mother Nature, let’s appreciate what’s around us. Your daily life will improve and you will find a bigger, more meaningful purpose.

What will be your bigger purpose this week?


Sabrina Cadini is a life-work balance strategist. She helps busy creative entrepreneurs:

* Adopt a healthier and more productive lifestyle thanks to life-work balance

* Elevate their brand and become more profitable

* Incorporate live video into their marketing strategy with outstanding results

Sabrina Cadini 12/5/2018 · #4

#1 Thank you for your kind words!

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#2 Thank you, Bill!

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Bill King 16/4/2018 · #1

Wonderful share Ms. Cadini and very appropriate for beBee. Just yesterday I was reading about why there seem to be no insects, like bees, that live their lives in the sea. Turns out that one of the main reasons is there are no flowering plants. Hopefully the inspirational flower you've written here will pollinate, inspire other shares from business owners. Maybee pollination could be a purpose this week. Thank you again.

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