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Falling in love with your services

Falling in love with your services

“Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever”

This week we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day, one of the most loved holidays (and for us wedding professionals, one of the most popular days for our clients to propose).

I love this quote because it can relate to your personal life and your relationships (significant other, family, and friends). It can also relate to your business. I’m talking about you as an entrepreneur, creating products and / or services for your customers or clients. Have you ever had a fantastic idea that you wanted to bring to life, then you took action, you did everything possible to make it happen, you loved it, and then little by little you realized it was just an “OK” idea? You were excited about it at the beginning but it didn’t really speak to you after all…

But when you find the right solution for your clients, when you find the right way to create, present, offer, and solve your clients’ problems, that’s when you really fall in love with what you do, with what you have to offer. And it’s a love that lasts forever!

What did you create in your business that you still love? Share with us!

Sabrina Cadini is a life-work balance strategist. She helps busy creative entrepreneurs:

* Adopt a healthier and more productive lifestyle thanks to life-work balance
* Elevate their brand and become more profitable
* Incorporate live video into their marketing strategy with outstanding results