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It's World Kindness Day - What will you do today?

It's World Kindness Day - What will you do today?

“We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” ~Ellen DeGeneres

Me too! Besides adoring Ellen DeGeneres, I completely agree with her statement. As you probably know,’m all about positivity, I’m all about more compassion, joy and laughter, and I’m all about kindness. Kindness is often seen as a sign of weakness but it’s actually the opposite (I wrote a blog post about it HERE).

Today is World Kindness Day and, even though it's a fairly new celebration. It's been around for a little less than 20 years (thank you World Kindness Movement for thinking about this).  But this is the perfect occasion to show your kindness and use it to your advantage. Practice kindness with your family, with your friends, in your business. Most of all, be kind to YOU! You need it.

What did you do today for World Kindness Day? Did you celebrate with a random act of kindness? Did you have a clear plan? You don't have to stick to one day a year, kindness should be part of your daily life.

When you use kindness things around you change and improve your way of being, your way of thinking, your way of taking action. And it feels extremely good!