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Life-Work Balance - Ep. 22: No excuses to skip exercise at work

Life-Work Balance - Ep. 22: No excuses to skip exercise at work

It’s hard to find time to exercise, especially if you work in an office. And, if your boss doesn’t allow you to take breaks during the day and just go to the gym or for a run around the block, that sucks!

Being stuck in an office every day causes a lot of negative consequences: weight gain, strain on your back, wrists, eyes and neck, and this can result in loss of muscle tone.
Not only that: Stress is another disadvantage of office work, and this can lead to depression, cardiovascular disease, a lack of energy and other health issues. So we need to stay away from all that stress that you accumulate during the day while you work.

What can you do to avoid all those negative consequences? Exercise. And when you’re a little creative, you can find ways to exercise at work regardless of the space (or time) you have.

Watch my Facebook Live broadcast HERE – I shared tips on how to exercise at work, and tools that can help you with that.

Remember: it’s very important to take care of yourself BEFORE you take care of others. It’s all about life-work balance, it’s all about the body + mind connection.


Sabrina Cadini is a life-work balance strategist. She helps busy creative entrepreneurs:

* Adopt a healthier and more productive lifestyle thanks to life-work balance

* Elevate their brand and become more profitable

* Incorporate live video into their marketing strategy with outstanding results

Sabrina Cadini 8/6/2018 · #2

#1 Yes, every day! Thank you for reading, Dorrie

Dorothy Cooper 6/6/2018 · #1

So true that we work so hard we forget life means choosing to balance healthy choices no matter what our circumstances! Keeps me on my toes! Thanks for the slice of life!

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