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Life-Work Balance - Ep.5: Foods that are good for you

Life-Work Balance - Ep.5: Foods that are good for you

In the past few weeks I introduced you to the concept of life-work balance where life should come first, then you can focus on your business. This can be achieved by following very simple principles every day. I also shared my personal story to give you a better idea why I’m very passionate about helping change the life of others as well.

Last week I talked about foods you should avoid for a better you (you can read more HERE).

Today we’ll talk about what you should eat and drink. Keep in mind that it’s not only about what’s right for your body (and mind), you should also pay attention to how much.

Disclaimer: You should keep in mind that I’m not a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietitian so I can’t give you medical or professional advice, but I can share tips and give you general guidelines on how to improve your health by making small and easy changes. This live video contains general medical information based on my personal experience. This information should not replace medical advice from your doctor or other professional health care provider. If you have any questions in regard to a medical condition, you should consult your doctor or other professional health care provider.

Generally speaking, for a very balanced diet you should focus on: Fruits and vegetables; Whole grains and dairy products in moderation (if you are not intolerant as we discussed last week); Protein like poultry and fish; Nuts and beans; Vegetable oils (olive, safflower, etc.) and coconut oil.

Watch my Periscope broadcast HERE to know more about foods that are good for you:


Salads are my favorite, and you can be extremely creative with the right ingredients


Fruits contain great antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber, but also natural sugar so you should eat them in moderation.


Protein is needed for a healthy body


There are good and bad carbs!


I explained the differences between different types of fat, and a shoutout to coconut oil 🙂

I also mentioned water and probiotics during the broadcast because they’re extremely important for your health.

Next week we’ll more to sleep, something that many of us tend to overlook and ignore because we’re too busy… I was that way years ago and it took a toll on my health.

Sabrina Cadini 5/12/2017 · #4

#1 Thanks for reading, Dorrie! I completely agree with you :)

Sabrina Cadini 5/12/2017 · #3

#2 Agreed, Tausif!

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Tausif Mundrawala 2/12/2017 · #2

We should treat our food as nutritiinal medicine and an elixir of life. We should soothe our tastebuds with fruits and vegetable by sensing each and every sense involved while eating. And last but not the least we should live our life to the fullest,@Sabrina Cadini

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Dorothy Cooper 1/12/2017 · #1

Great healthy advice for this busy compulsive time of year for folks to remember. If we fail to achieve balance one of those areas will come back to kick us into moping up later! Thanks Sabrina

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