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Your unhappy customers are a great source of learning

Your unhappy customers are a great source of learning

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” ~ Bill Gates

We always hope to gather positive feedback from our clients and customers, and when a negative review is received the world seems to stop. It’s a painful experience that makes you re-think and re-evaluate your dedication and commitment to your job, to your passion. You did everything possible for this client and all you get is negative feedback. Now what?

I can feel your pain… Negative reviews can hurt. A lot. Especially if you don’t think you deserve them. However, you can use these to your advantage.

First of all, you shouldn’t take it personal. The client is unhappy with your product or your service, not you. The client is providing valuable information about your offerings from a different point of view. What you thought was perfect and absolutely the best might not be the perfect solution for everyone. Or, if you receive negative feedback more than once, you might want to make some changes to that particular offering.

You should be grateful to that client for pointing out what didn’t work so that you can make it better. The key is to react in a professional way and see how you can change your client’s mind: send a new product if it was defective, a new program if what you sold before was not satisfactory, a more personal level of assistance, perhaps? Make sure you take care of your clients, happy and unhappy ones, in the same exact way. This will allow you to grow your business and elevate your brand so that it aligns perfectly with your ideal client.

When you listen more and ask your clients for an honest and detailed review of what they bought from you, you will be able to improve your offerings and changing a negative situation into a positive experience for both parties.

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#1 So very true, Tausif! The human touch can make such a big difference and win your clients forever. Glad you liked the post. Providing stellar service based on my clients' needs and expectations is something I'm very passionate about.

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Tausif Mundrawala 5/12/2017 · #1

Our intention while starting a business should be to cater to the needs of customers and clients rather than asserting our products and services which seems phenomenal to our eyes. You reminded me of Fish Stick books where one among many described the way an hotel owner runs her business keeping the needs of her patrons in mind. She kept all the stuff which were unasked in all the other hotels. One of the examples were to keep all kind of glasses including reading glasses for her patrons. A human touch means a lot which defines our customers comfort.

Am glad that you shared this buzz with us, @Sabrina Cadini

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