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5 Tips when Traveling Alone

5 Tips when Traveling Alone

Flying solo, both literally and metaphorically, can be a daunting experience. Without a companion alongside you on all of your adventures, traveling can feel quite lonely. Embrace any feeling of loneliness in a positive way, and make the most out of your individual vacation. Here are a few things to consider when visiting foreign countries, states, or provinces by yourself.

Practice proper safety

With traveling alone comes a little less security. Study the area you are visiting before reaching said destination. Be wary of neighborhoods or areas that may have higher crime rates than others. Sticking to well-lit, public areas is a good way to prevent making yourself a target. With that said, don’t be flashy with expensive clothing or jewelry. This is a dead giveaway that you’re a tourist, which may make you an easy target for theft or scams. Don’t give out any personal information about yourself to anyone other than those you trust. Unfortunately, you cannot trust everyone.

Learn the local language

Making an effort to learn the native tongue of the area you’re visiting will show locals that you respect their culture, and are eager to learn. This is almost always met with appreciation, and can benefit you greatly in certain situations. For example, if you’re lost or unsure of the location of somewhere you intend to go to, speaking the language of those around you will most likely receive an answer better than just English.

Don’t be a recluse

A common urge of those who travel alone is to stay inside and avoid interaction. This will only create missed opportunities of meeting friends, trying new things, and experiencing the culture as a whole. Participating in local tours, visiting coffee shops or restaurants, and sightseeing are all ways to meet new people, and make the most out of your trip.

Go off the beaten path

While participating in touristy activities can be fun, don’t limit yourself to just that. Look into less popular hiking trails, museums, or small towns. These could provide some of the truest cultural experiences available in the country you’re visiting.Travelers who meet in environments like these will be more inclined to talk to one another as well.

Have fun

A basic tip that goes without saying, but don’t be afraid to enjoy the little things just because you are by yourself. Consider going to a dinner and a show. These typically have scheduled seating; another opportunity to meet new people. Having a drink or two won’t hurt. Bars are some of the most social environments in cities around the world. Comfortably setting yourself up on a bar sto