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Sally Kalaveras: How to Start Meditating

Sally Kalaveras, a successful real estate professional, has used meditation to overcome several struggles in her life. It has opened her eyes to spiritual phenomena and she hopes to write books on her personal revelations in the future.

Sally Kalaveras: How to Start Meditating

If you’d like to follow Sally Kalaveras’ lead and use meditation to find your own personal truths, try the steps below to get started:

· Start with Guided Meditations

Guided meditations will answer your questions like “What do I do?” and “What am I supposed to think about?” You can find local classes, online videos or meditation audio CDs to walk you through your first dozen or so sessions.

· Move to Solo Meditation

Once you’ve tried guided mediation, try to do a meditation without listening to anything but music. You might want to mentally follow along with a guided mediation you enjoy so you can become accustomed to it.

Then, mix and match between guided and solo based on your mood each day.

· Try and Try Again

Meditation isn’t something you can rush. Those who have success with it, like Sally Kalaveras, have meditation sessions when they can’t focus and otherwise struggle, but they keep coming back to try again. The more you practice, just like anything, the easier meditation becomes.

Sally Kalaveras is a real estate professional who works in California. Sally Kalaveras is also an aspiring author and a horse riding enthusiast. Sally Kalaveras is passionate about remodeling properties and began investing in fixer-uppers early in her career. Today, after recovering from substantial losses during the market crash, Sally Kalaveras has over three decades of experience and an excellent reputation.

SallyKalaveras plans to learn to play the piano and to write music in the future. She’s presently a busy real estate professional and writer.