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Birthday Secrets: Revealed on Salma's Birthday!

Birthday Secrets: Revealed on Salma's Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I was born on a faithful XIII of November, CMXC, and now with Jupiter being positioned on my star sign of Scorpio, I am feeling lucky!

My life path number XXV is significant, but there is another number LX which is revealed, when you sum the digits, by my Social Security Number, it having appeared again when I got my new phone number. Number LX achieved double completion on the Vth day of month XI, MMXVII.

What is more remarkable is the number XIII, which has daunted me throughout my life. I love number XIII, for spiritual reasons, just as important as number XVII.

What do you get when you add XXV and LX? Number LXXXV, a number which sums to XIII!

On XI XIII, MMXVII I have divine completion of my XI XIII, CMXC birthday!

What is your birthpath number and what relation does it have to other numbers you have seen in your path time and again? Write your comments below! I listen to you, because I love you. You have a purpose!

P.S. There's this really cool Gematria phone app which you can use to calculate a number for any word, e.g., your name. Salma so happens to be #142 on the Hebrew Gematria. What is your name number?

P.S.S. Abrahamic astrology gives you a monthly forecast of events, for 12 months in the Gregorian year. Chinese astrology has a similar cycle of 12 (i.e., every twelve years, a sign repeats, with 5 elements, yielding a grand total of 60 years).

P.S.S I got double completion of divine number 7 today, with a purchase for $9.77.

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Resharing with a quick update. Chinese elements do not repeat every 12 years (once for each sign and then again ). Instead, these are drawn in a way that almost seem random, except for the fact that elements come in pairs (two fire years, followed by two earth, then two water, etc ).

Salma Rodriguez 13/11/2017 · #8

#7 Thank you, Franci-Eugenia. 711 reminds me about something in the Bible I learned about.

The Gospel of John. Chapter 8, verse 32 sums to 13. Then I learned that the Hebrew Gematria for 'John' is 698, #23.

Adding 698+13, we get 711, which you can divide by 9 to get #79, which gives us 7!

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Happy Birthday, @Salma Rodriguez. My favorite is 711

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Salma Rodriguez 13/11/2017 · #6

#1 Thank you, Pascal!

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Salma Rodriguez 13/11/2017 · #5

#3 Thanks Laurent. It is one of my fav. too! Mom was born on a 21st.

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Salma Rodriguez 13/11/2017 · #4

#2 Thanks, Debesh. Study the picture! Number 37 is very mystical.

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Laurent Boscherini 13/11/2017 · #3

Happy Birthday 🎂 @Salma Rodriguez! My favorite is 21😉

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Debesh Choudhury 13/11/2017 · #2

Happy Birthday @Salma Rodriguez.. You are curious in looking at the magic in numbers .. I like 11 and I had read another magic with date of birth, year of birth and the result is always 111, I have to search it out. Do you remember such a magic of 111 with a simple arithmetic with date and year of birth?

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