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Dream kitchnes

Dream kitchnes

I still remember the place where me and my mum use to spend time chatting while mum was preparing food simultaneously. Her kitchen is very creative in terms of aesthetics as she has added lot of colors in that area of her work. Kitchen is the most important place while designing a house as a decent amount of time is spent by the house owners.

The trend of kitchen designs has been updated from wall to floor, tiles to paint, faucets to sinks and cabinets to furniture. Smart stylish, contemporary kitchen have all new definition today. Here are few tips if you are planning to upgrade your kitchen:

# Bring some exquisite material like organic wood on the wall. Try exceptional colors through flowers or vases.

# Fresh plants or herbs can bring greenery, therefore adding vibrant accents in the kitchen.

# Introduce open shelves which can be used to put crockery books or novels or build a connection with nature. This can add hint of happy hues to the space.

# Play with bright right accessories on the neutral tones of cabinets like metal kettle, green bowls or platters or something rustic.

# Try in bold shades like aqua, burnt orange, yellow or purple to add depth in your kitchen. The remaining décor scheme has to be set in minimal in order to achieve balanced look.

# Patterned back splash to a simple kitchen would pack a significantly punch to the area. The mood of the wall with plethora of patterns on the floor is yet another way to give refreshing makeover.

# Upgrade the kitchen faucets to the kitchen mixers will provide freedom of movement in the environment.

# Quartz worktops are popular, replacing traditional granite tops. It increases the overall feel of the space. It is available in variety of colors where one is free to choose from bold to a contrasting color scheme to a monochrome tone.

Well, trends are to be watched carefully, and one should choose them according to their space, comfort as they are changing and going. What matters lastly is the quality.