5 Best Browser Extensions Every Social Media Marketer Should Try Once

Sometimes we all are looking for tools, plugins or extension to easily share content, view analytics, connect with an influencer and many more.

When it comes to social media marketers, the list can be endless- the main benefit of using any Chrome extension makes this process easier and saves time. To help you save time, here’s a list of some of the most useful Chrome browser extensions which my colleagues, friends and I use on a regular basis. From social media marketing and content marketing, this suggestion includes everything that you need.

In this post, I am sharing with you my top most favourite browser extensions that are saving my time and effort while I am working on my social media marketing strategy. So, let’s take a look.

1. SocialPilot

5 Best Browser Extensions Every Social Media Marketer Should Try Once

SocialPilot is an amazing tool allows you to create a schedule for posts on your social media account, page and profile directly from your browser. With using this SocialPilot extension, you can easily line up and schedule posts right on the go while you surf online.

Features of SocialPilot:

· Schedule interesting articles and images:

Now, with using this extension you can easily schedule any article, blog as well as image while browsing on the web. Also, when you click on share image icon you can easily add any image to SocialPilot to schedule or share on any of your social media accounts.

· Schedule images from Canva:

You can easily create image in Canva and share them to your social profiles with the help of SocialPilot. Now creating attracting image on Canva and scheduling them SocialPilot is much easier to publish at your desired time on your preferred network.

· Schedule Post from Facebook:

Once you installed SocialPilot extension and you can directly schedule posts, images, videos and album to SocialPilot. No need to copy or paste, just reshare the post on all network in one click.

· Schedule post from Twitter:

Just like Facebook, you can schedule anything, whether it is an image, tweet or any post, you can share and schedule everything from Twitter with one click.

Developed by: SocialPilot

Category: Social & Communication

Available for: Chrome, Firefox and Safari

2. Giphy

5 Best Browser Extensions Every Social Media Marketer Should Try Once

Visual content is the best way to market your product or brand on social media and social media marketer don’t have the time to create their own visuals search on the web for images. Also, it is necessary because visual + text receive more engagement than post having only text. GIF is a great for creating effective visual post easily.

With using Giphy you easily search for a gif and copy the gif URL for quick sharing across the web. Marketers can easily search for GIF with a tag. Once you have chosen a GIF, you can drag it on your social media page for posting. And there’s a short link that can be shared on social media channels.

Features of Giphy:

· Easily drag and drop Giphy to your social media network

· You can easily keep your social media profile with trending Giphy

Developed by: giphy.com

Category: Search tools

Available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari

3. RiteForge

5 Best Browser Extensions Every Social Media Marketer Should Try Once

Have you ever wonder which hashtag you should be using for a certain post? Are you not sure about which hashtag adds value to your messaging? If you are sending more than 10 tweets in a single day then tracking and comparing hashtag into your analytics platform can be time-consuming task.

This RiteForge extension allows you to analyses your social media post and then suggests hashtags to accompany the content of the post. It also suggests images, emojis and memes with a single click. After you select a hashtag, RiteForge displays real-time analytics on it and also shows how many views a hashtag gets each hour. Apart from hashtag optimization, the extension can also be used to create emojis and tag influencers.

Features of RiteForge:

· It automatically detects your topic and hashtag your post for maximum discovery and engagement.

· It extracts images from pages you share or create stunning visual tailored for your post.

· Automatic CTA on your link Soft sell on pages you share via your custom branded bar.

Developed by: Riteforge

Category: Social & communication

Available For: Chrome

4. Social Analytics

5 Best Browser Extensions Every Social Media Marketer Should Try Once

Once you installed this extension, you just need to click on the icon in Chrome browser to instantly view how many social shares your post received. It shows statistics on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Stumble Upon. For Facebook it shows likes, shares and comments.

In addition, there is a refresh button in the extension bar that can be used to see updated social media stats. A great thing about this extension is that it displays the statistics of every web page you visit.

Therefore, it is very helpful for tracking the performance of your own content or for investigating, someone else’s as well.

Features of Social Analytics:

· Facebook (likes, comments, shares, clicks)

· Google +1 (plus ones)

· LinkedIn (shares)

· bit.ly (clicks)

· Stumble Upon (views)

· Pinterest (pins)

Developed by: Get social analytics

Category: Productivity

Available for: Chrome

5. Discoverly for Gmail, LinkedIn and more

5 Best Browser Extensions Every Social Media Marketer Should Try Once

Social media marketers always try to make connection with people within their industry than just focusing on having a good relationship with their followers. Discoverly is a wonderful extension for making connections with people across the web – even in gmail. It shows the social information related with a person’s gmail so you can connect on LinkedIn or follow their Twitter account from your email. On social media sites, Discoverly will allow you know if you have any mutual friends or connections on LinkedIn and Facebook, and will pull their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles from their Twitter account.

Features of Discoverly:

· Gmail: view contact, work info, manual connections and recent tweets.

· LinkedIn profile: see your mutual Facebook friends and recent tweets.

· Facebook profile: see LinkedIn work info, connection and tweets.

· Best for anyone networking like job hunters, recruiters and entrepreneurs.

Developed by: Discover.ly

Category: Productivity

Available for: Chrome

Which extension do you use in your browser? If you are using any other browser extension for your social media marketing, I would love to hear your views in the comments box below.

Sawaram Suthar 22/11/2016 · #1

Thanks for sharing Sam! These browser extension can really reduce our manually posting time.