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What to Look for in a Lip Balm

The transition from a warm season into cooler temperatures can be pleasant and welcome, but with leather jacket weather can come chapped lips.

What to Look for in a Lip Balm

Chapped lips are uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and more often than not have a less than desirable effect on your appearance. Fortunately, however, there are products on the market specially designed to help moisturize and heal chapped lips: lip balms.

The thing is though, not all lip balms are made equal. While society was once content with heading to a local convenience store for a chap-stick, nowadays there are so many more options. People are now much more aware of the importance of finding the right product, with the right ingredients.

When it comes to investing in a lip balm, it’s not only your money on the line – it’s your lip health too. These are the main things you should be looking for when buying a lip balm:

Nourishing Ingredients

Chances are you are looking for a balm because your lips are chapped, which means that they are in dire need of nourishment. Look for a lip balm that has ingredients with nourishing properties to condition, heal and smooth your lips.

A good example is BY TERRY Baume de Rose which contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter to leave your lips feeling smooth, hydrated and moisturized.

Repairing Properties

The prime reason for investing in a lip balm is to repair your lips. Be sure your product has the right healing properties to relieve you of any chapping or dryness.

For example, ingredients like rose flower wax and pastel oil can improve cell renewal to help to smooth away roughness and exfoliate your lips. This process of renewing the outer layer of your lips is what will repair your pout and leave it looking soft and luscious.

The Right Formula

Balms are available in different formulas, and it’s important to find the most nourishing and moisturizing one available. Opt for a balm with a creamy formula for easy application that feels smooth and hydrating. After all, if you are going to wear the product daily, you’re going to want it to be comfortable and not sticky.

SPF Protection

Why settle for a balm that will only relieve chapping, when there are products that can do that and so much more to protect your lips? Consider a product that boasts nourishing and smoothing ingredients, as well as SPF. A balm formulated with vitamin and UV filters will be able to shield your lips from the sun’s harmful effects.

Make it a point to seek out products that will protect your lips from not only the weather, but from UV rays too. After all, stranger things have happened then getting a sun burn in the winter.


What kind of finish does your balm leave on your lips? Is it glossy, matte even? Considering a balm will typically take the place of your favourite lipstick, consider a product that provide a sheen or aesthetic that can complete your daily professional look.

Your lip balm shouldn’t only feel good, it should look good too!