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Using For SEO

For SEO professionals and website owners, building quality backlinks for your website is a critical part of improving your Domain Authority and your overall Google ranking.  In this article, we are exploring as a valuable tool as part of your backlink building strategy.  We will look at the specific ways we use this tool and look and how it might help you as well.

What Is is a Pinterest style service that allows you to save online content easily.  Their website describes it this way:

Free and easy online tool to collect, organize and share any web content
Create beautiful pages with texts, links, documents, videos, photos, presentations, RSS feeds and other content
Author in Source Title
Shown below is a screenshot of one of the accounts that we maintain: Using For SEO

Benefits of

This service is super easy to use.  Saving links is fast (which is always a benefit when building backlinks).  This service allows you create DEEP LINKS.  As you can see in the screenshot below, this particular board ( ) has 100+ links to each of the blog articles we have written for my agency website.  This is a great way to build backlinks directly to deep links link blog articles.  

Another great use of this service is to build a board that points to your other SEO-related profiles.  An example of this can be found here:

Because you can make multiple boards for multiple topics, you can really keep things organized.  It's also an opportunity to create lots of duplicate links without looking ridiculous.

Limitations of

You cannot control the LINK TEXT or the image.  You simply type in the URL and the rest of the info auto-populates.  This is an awesome feature fo9r speed ... but you cannot keyword target your link text (or anchor text).  In all honesty, because this service is so easy to use, this is a small price to pay. Backlink Quality

The netboard backlinks showed up in the SEO Review Tools report quickly.  As you can see in the screenshot below, the QUALTITY is a 30 and the links are NO FOLLOW.  It is up to you to decide if these are worth it to you (keeping in mind how easy it is to generate these).

How We Are Using It

We are using this service in a number of different ways.  We will outline, in detail all the ways we are using this service so you can see, in actual practice what a campaign like this might look like.  You can apply this strategy to a large number of clients or to a single website if you are only managing your own business.  The lessons below apply equally well to either situation.

Approach #1: Linking to our other SEO Profiles

As any SEO company does, we have created a large network of SEO profiles across a number of free and paid online websites that we use to build backlinks.  Once these profiles are built, it is important that Google find them.  This is one way to ensure that Google finds all the profiles you have created.

Approach #2: Linking to our own websites

While we are in there, working for our clients, we also treat ourselves as a client and include our own links.  For too many years we ignored ourselves while working for our clients.  This caused us to struggle for our own rankings.  Our network of websites has grown over the years (and continues to grow) ... so lists and articles (like the one you are reading right now is continually updated to reflect the latest changes, additions, and revisions.

Currently, the list of sites is as follows:

NJ Website Design Agency

New Jersey Web Design Blog

Approach #3: Linking to our own AUTHORITY Websites

These are sites that we own and manage that we use for other business interests beyond simple backlinks.  Nonetheless, we do use them for their link benefit as well.

List of Best Websites

Best Author Websites

Best Speaker Websites

Best Consultant Websites

Best New Jersey Websites

Best Florida Websites

U.S. Fence Company Directory

Long Beach Island NJ Travel Blog

Big Events USA

Approach #4: Linking to our Client Websites

Ultimately, these are the folks that matter the most.  They are the reason we do all of this.  

Missoula Montana Plumbing

LBI NJ Hotel

LBI New Jersey Motel

Long Beach Island Restaurant

Cincinnati Ohio Fence Company

Massachusetts Fence Company

Northeast Ohio Fence Company

Akron Ohio Fence Company

Harrisburg Pennsylvania Fence Company

King of Prussia Pennsylvania Fence Company

New Hampshire Fence Company

New Jersey Fence Company

Georgia Fence Company

Indiana Fence Company

Connecticut Fence Company

Do You Have Any Ideas?

Did we miss anything?  Have you used this service (or another one like it)?  Reach out to us and share your knowledge and experience.  It would be a huge help to see how others are doing things.

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