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How To Add Value To Your Network: Make Introductions

How To Add Value To Your Network: Make IntroductionsWhile networking on social media, you've connected with multiple people. In my opinion, your goal should be to turn these "connections" into "relationships." One way to do this is by being a connector. 

When you see that two of your colleagues can mutually benefit from knowing each other, send them an introduction email. It's a thoughtful gesture that will show your colleagues how valuable it is to be linked to you. 

Here's an example of an introduction email I recently sent:

Subject: Introduction + Rod Colon + Eric Tung

Good Afternoon,

Rod, I want to introduce you to Eric T Tung. He's a Social Media Strategist that's currently looking for his next opportunity. He's considering doing consulting for companies like Spredfast, Salesforce & Sprinklr. In addition, he's thinking of offering social media coaching. He's weighing his options at this time. Thus, I thought to introduce him to you. I know you enjoy connecting people to people.

Here's a link to his profile:

Eric, Rod Colon is a Master Networker, and Executive Coach. He adds immense value to his connections. His "densely" populated network is full of professionals from diverse industries, various career levels, and multiple locations. Rod has a wealth of archived discussion topics, as well as an online radio show where you are free to call in and ask questions. Additionally, he has a discussion group on LinkedIn, where Rod and his network provide relevant advice for any career question posed. I believe Rod would be a beneficial connection to have.

Here's a link to his profile:

I believe a mutually beneficial connection can be made between the two of you.

Best Regards,

Sam P. Lark, Jr

As you can see above, briefly state who the person is, what they do (or need), how they would benefit from being connected and include their LinkedIn profile. Doing this will help you go from just being "connected" to starting to develop a trusting professional "relationship" that adds value.  

Do you have any stories of being introduced or making an introduction? I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below. 

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